Trips for Fall 2020


Culture and Art of Peru

Get to know Peru in its energetic capital of Lima, and trace Spain’s influence to modern times. With your blood pumping, you’ll ascend into the clouds to Cuzco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire and a gateway to pure adventure. See the impossibly perfect Incan masonry at Sacsayhuamán, staggering Incan agricultural laboratories—and who knew alpaca fur was so soft? 

Group Leader:  Prof. Carolyn Ford


Victory in Europe

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe, set foot on the European battlefields where allied airborne soldiers built their reputation.  Visit key sites in London; Portsmith, England; Normandy, France; Bastogne, Belgium, Munich, Germany; and Berlin, Germany. 

Trips for Spring 2021


Business in London & Edinburgh

Business Innovation in London and Edinburgh.  From visits to local companies to insightful lectures, a design thinking workshop to a panel discussion, you’ll get a comprehensive look at the differences and similarities between British and Scottish business practices. In between, you’ll immerse yourself in the countries’ unique cultures, taking time to explore their many famous sites and attractions. 

Group Leader: Dr. Keith Keppley


Architecture in Berlin

Berlin’s storied past is firmly embedded in a vibrant contemporary culture. Stand in the Nazi headquarters one moment, and navigate the city's eco-friendly infrastructure the next. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this city has evolved into one of the most eclectic, exciting and multicultural communities in Europe. Discover the many ways to contemplate the past, enjoy the present and dream of the future.

Trips for Fall 2021


Justice and Culture in Amsterdam & The Hague

Enjoy New Year's in Europe.  Begin your journey to The Hague and find out why it’s the “City of International Peace and Justice.” Explore the city on a walking tour and discover the Humanity House, a museum established by the Red Cross to increase awareness of humanitarian issues. There you’ll learn about the consequences of conflict, while reflecting on your own personal freedoms. Visit the 19th-century Peace Palace, a symbol of the global peace movement and home to the International Court of Justice.


Sustainability and Culture in Costa Rica

"Pura Vida!” cannot be passively observed from a distance—it must be experienced. Expect to get your hands (and feet, and clothes) dirty as you board canal boats, kayaks, go whitewater rafting, snorkeling, and zip-lining to get an up-close and personal look at the ever-changing landscapes and unparalleled animal and plant life. Before long, you’ll learn the Pura Vida way: by enjoying each day to the fullest. Students will enjoy a New Year's celebration and visit San Jose, Tortuguero, Sarapiqui, Arenal, and Guanacaste.

Group Leader: Dr. Justin Bailey

Trips for Spring 2022


History and Culture of Portugal & Spain

In Portugal and Spain, every step is a history lesson of its own from Lisbon¹s Moorish labyrinth of narrow streets to Seville's impeccably preserved mosaics. The trail of breathtaking views and architectural wonders continues in Madrid, a city whose youthful crowds mix with a regional history of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influences.  More information and itineraries will be posted on September 2020.

Group Leader: Dr. Karl Trybus

Registration for the History of Portugal & Spain program will begin on March 2021.


Culture & Business in Greece and the Greek Isles

What is it like to live and do business in a country where classical mythology and ancient history still have a presence in everyday life?  In the capital of Athens, the namesake of the goddess Athena, walk in the footsteps of ancient Greeks at the Acropolis - and in the footsteps of current residents in the Plaka district. Board a cruise ship and visit the Greek Isles of Samos, Patmos, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini, learn how an old belief in mythological figures still influences medicine, politics, business, and philosophy.

More Information About Additional Trips Coming Soon

Academic Year 2021/2022

Registration for these will begin in March 2021

Business and Culture of Greece and the Greek Isles – December 2021
Cultural Emersion on the French Riviera  – December 2021
Sustainability in Vancouver – May 2022
History and Culture of Portugal and Spain – May 2022