Trips for Spring 2021


Culture and Art of Peru

Get to know Peru in its energetic capital of Lima, and trace Spain’s influence to modern times. With your blood pumping, you’ll ascend into the clouds to Cuzco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire and a gateway to pure adventure. See the impossibly perfect Incan masonry at Sacsayhuamán, staggering Incan agricultural laboratories—and who knew alpaca fur was so soft? 

Group Leader:  Prof. Carolyn Ford


Victory in Europe

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe, set foot on the European battlefields where allied airborne soldiers built their reputation.  Visit key sites in London; Portsmith, England; Normandy, France; Bastogne, Belgium, Munich, Germany; and Berlin, Germany. 

Trips for Fall 2021


A Costa Rican Adventure

"Pura Vida!” cannot be passively observed from a distance—it must be experienced.


Celebrating New Year’s in Amsterdam

Get a first-hand look at the bodies and organizations that direct today’s globalized world. 

Trips for Spring 2022


History of Food in Spain & Portugal

In Portugal and Spain, every step is a history lesson of its own—from Lisbon’s Moorish labyrinth of narrow streets to Seville’s impeccably preserved mosaics. The trail of breathtaking views and architectural wonders continues in Madrid, a city whose youthful crowds mix with a regional history of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influences. Students will have the opportunity to take a cooking class as well as a tapas tour, visit the Prado Museum, along with some free time to explore the cities on your own.


A Grecian Odyssey to Greece and the Greek Isles

Explore the settings, structures, and cultures that remain of the once-mighty ancient Greek civilization.

More Information About Additional Trips Coming Soon

Academic Year 2021/2022

Registration for these will begin in March 2021

Business and Culture of Greece and the Greek Isles – December 2021
Cultural Emersion on the French Riviera  – December 2021
Sustainability in Vancouver – May 2022
History and Culture of Portugal and Spain – May 2022