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Architecture in Berlin

Spring 2021


Berlin’s storied past is firmly embedded in a vibrant contemporary culture. Stand in the Nazi headquarters one moment, and navigate the city's eco-friendly infrastructure the next. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this city has evolved into one of the most eclectic, exciting and multicultural communities in Europe. Discover the many ways to contemplate the past, enjoy the present and dream of the future.

Group Leader:  Dr. Brian Holcomb

Registration for Architecture in Berlin starts in March 2020!!

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Your Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to Germany

Meet your group and travel on an overnight flight to Berlin.

Day 2: Berlin

Arrive in Berlin

Welcome to Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Poised at the cutting edge of European culture, this German capital has been transformed since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Depending on your arrival time, you may have free time to settle in and explore on your own.

Explore Berlin

Get acquainted with Berlin on a walking tour. Stroll past cafes, restaurants, and embassies along Unter den Linden, Berlin’s most elegant boulevard.


Reflect on the day’s activities over dinner with your group.

Day 3: Berlin

Sightseeing tour of Berlin

On your tour, visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, named after the checkpoint station that once guarded the border between East and West Germany. You’ll also see the Topography of Terror Museum, housed in the former headquarters of the Gestapo and the SS.

Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design

Anyone who loves design knows that Bauhaus is one of the most influential schools of architectural art in the 20th century. Step inside the museum for the most comprehensive collection of workshop models, architectural plans and photographs from the dawn of the Bauhaus movement.

Free time in Berlin

Take time to explore some of Berlin’s best museums with your 3-day museum pass.

Day 4: Berlin

Architectural lecture

Enjoy a lecture with a German history and architecture expert. Learn to identify Neoclassical buildings from the Baroque architectural style. Remember to ask about any underground artist communities or Berlin’s multicultural neighborhood.

Free time in Berlin

Explore the city of Berlin. You may choose to head to one of Berlin’s street food markets, where you can sample delicious regional cuisine.

Day 5: Berlin


Venture about 24 kilometers southwest to the former hometown of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser. Experience the city’s Baroque architecture, beautiful parks, and a rich history. You’ll also get to go inside one of Potsdam’s luxurious palaces.

Day 6: Berlin

Meet a local architect

Hear from an architect in the field about what it’s like to work in the style-conscious city of Berlin.

Reichstag Dome

Unmistakable from the street and indescribable from the inside, this massive 360-degree glass dome is an important cultural and architectural landmark. Built over the ruins of the Reichstag that housed the National Socialist Party, this government building is a literal symbol of political transparency.

Day 7: Depart for home

Travel to the airport and check-in for your return flight home.

Itinerary is subject to change.