Dominican Republic beach

Pirates of the Caribbean – Saints Tell No Tales

Fall 2023


Exact dates TBD

You’ll find people working together around every corner in the Dominican Republic. You can see it in the bustling streets of Santo Domingo, but it’s especially visible in rural towns like Rancho Arriba. You’ll soon discover what makes the Dominican Republic a unique and progressive developing country.  You will also discover the wonders of marine life—and what you can do to help preserve it. Here, you’ll learn about the effects of overfishing, tourism, and climate change on coral reef in the Caribbean before joining the movement to support its restoration. Working together with community members, you’ll collect fragments of naturally broken coral and transplant them back into the reef, and do your part to preserve this important ecosystem.  This program departs the end of December and returns to Limestone prior to the spring semester starting.

Students interested in the Pirates of the Caribbean adventure can register for the class (IS200 with Dr. Weber) any time after registration begins in March 2023.  Students are advised to register early as popular trips fill up quickly.

Group Leader:  Dr. Sam Weber

More information coming soon.

Your Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to the Dominican Republic

Arrive in Santo Domingo

Take a tour of the Colonial Zone and see how Spanish history is preserved here.

Day 2: Santo Domingo + San Jose de Ocoa

Arrive in Santo Domingo

Visit the Health Center in Santo Domingo, where you'll get a close look at the needs of the community and the kinds of service available to them.

Travel to San Jose de Ocoa

Visit the ADESJO office and meet with local health professionals, a non-profit organization that is committed to improving the quality of life for Ocoa's community members.































Day 3: San Jose de Ocoa

Healthcare tour

Attend an orientation at local hospital and clinic, led by local health professionals, to learn about healthcare practices and how hospitals function within the community.

Explore fruit & vegetable gardens

Discover the nurseries and gardens that make good nutritious choices available to people on the island, and have a Q&A with an expert about nutritional standards and the ways they are being met.

Day 4: San Jose de Ocoa

Rancho Arriba

Begin your service project in Rancho Arriba and work with local hospitals and clinics, while gaining an understanding of how community needs are met.

Day  5: Service Project - Boca Chica coral conservation

As communities evolve, so do their needs. That's why we work closely with non-profits to better understand the local challenges. Since projects are determined closer to your actual program date, here's a glimpse at what a typical day might look like:

  • Transfer to Boca Chica
  • Meet EF's partner organization and learn how it is working to improve the state of coral reef in the Dominican Republic. 
  • Discuss coral reef biology and restoration practices.
  • Practice snorkeling techniques as you learn how to identify local species of fish and gather scientific data within marine ecosystems

Day 6: Boca Chica

  • Meet a community association to learn about the evolution of fishing and ecotourism as you explore the social dynamics of marine conservation.
  • Explore a coral reef nursery and participate in local ecotourism activities, such as kayaking.
  • Participate in a mangrove reforestation project.

Day 7: Southeast Coast

  • Enjoy a canopy tour
  • Take a guided walk in a national park