Parliament Binnenhof The Hague - Amsterdam

Celebrating New Year’s in Amsterdam

Fall 2021


Get a first-hand look at the bodies and organizations that direct today’s globalized world. 

In Amsterdam, students will visit a wide variety of sites including the Anne Frank House as well as Euronext, De Nederlandshe Bank, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Heineken Brewery.  Hear from experts at The Hague’s international courts, where some of humanity’s worst offenders have stood trial.
Students interested in the Amsterdam trip, can register for the class (IS200 with Dr. Bartholow) any time after spring registration begins.  Students are advised to register as early as possible as popular trips will fill up quickly.

Group Leader: Dr. Janet Bartholow

Registration for the Justice and Culture in Amsterdam & The Hague will begin in March 2021

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