Why should I take part in a global experience trip?

The Global Experience trips are a great way to travel the world and learn about a different culture as well as understanding how your coursework is used and implemented in a different culture.  Also, the cost is covered by the tuition you already pay!

What if I don’t know any foreign languages.  Can I still take part?

That is not a problem.  All trips will include Limestone faculty as well as an English-speaking guide.  So, don't worry and enjoy your global experience!

Can I go on more than one global experience trip at Limestone?

Yes, although only one trip is covered by your tuition.  Therefore, you would need to pay the cost of the additional trip.  Since each trip has a different cost, you should contact the faculty leader for the trip to find out more information about the costs.

Do I have to take part in a trip associated with my major?

No, each Global Experience trip is open to all Limestone students regardless of major.  Please review the Eligibility section for specific requirements.

Will I receive academic credit for the global experience trip?

Yes, the Global Experience courses are 3 credit hour courses.  Additional information can be obtained in the Academic Credit section and the course syllabus.

What are the costs?

While Limestone will cover the vast majority of costs in the global experience trips, students do have some expenses for a passport and spending money.  Please review the What’s Covered section.

What happens if I get sick or hurt abroad?

Limestone provides every student studying abroad supplemental insurance.  For specifics on this coverage, please review the Health and Safety section.


Do I need a passport?

Almost all international locations will require the students to have a passport.  In most instances, the passport cannot expire within 6 months of your return.  Please review the Passport and Visa section of this website


I really want to go on a specific trip, but when I tried to register it was already full.  What can I do?

Popular trips have filled up on the first day of registration, so it is important to register early.  If the trip you want to go on is full, we will have a wait list (https://limestonecollege.formstack.com/forms/ge_waitlist).  It is also important that you sign up on the wait list as soon as possible as we will fill any future vacancies using the time stamp on the wait list.


Can I participate in the Global Experience trip if I’m an Internet, Evening, or MBA student?

Yes, however, Internet,  evening, and MBA students will need to pay for the trip.  Since each trip has a different cost, you should contact the faculty leader for the trip to find out more information about the costs.

What happens if I have to drop the course? Can I still go on another trip?

It depends.  For December and May trips, as long as you drop the course prior to fall/spring drop/add, you will still be eligible for an additional trip at no cost to you.  For spring break trips, you must drop the course prior to December 1st.  This policy is in place because Limestone must send in student names and pay for the trip after these dates.  Thus, after these dates, Limestone has paid for your trip, whether you actually go on the trip or not.

Can I bring my service or emotional support dog with me on a Global Experience?

Students can look up the general rules about flying with a service animal within the US at: https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/service-animals-including-emotional-support-animals.  However, rules on the entry of service animals at international locations vary widely from country to country - some only permit dogs while other countries don't permit any animals.  Some rules can be complex, for example, below are the rules for bringing a service dog into the European Union (EU).  If a student is interested in bringing a service animal with them on a Global Experience, it is highly recommended that the student research the rules for the specific country/Global Experience trip they are interested in prior to registering for the class.  If the animal meets the guidelines for that country, the student should inform the Group Leader as early as practicable.  

Brining a Service Dog into the EU:

- The dog must be a trained service dog (should have training certificate).

- Service dog must be microchipped.  The microchip must be ISO compatible as many chips in the US can't be read in the EU.

- Rabies Vaccinations. Proof of two rabies titers as well as original rabies certificate.  The documents needs to have the details of the vaccine used including the expiration date and lot number.

- Blood Work.  Dob must have its blood tested (at an EU approved laboratory).

- Have an EU health certificate

- Current treatment for ticks, fleas, and worms

Once this has been completed, you will have to apply for an EU pet passport or, in a non-EU listed country, a third country official veterinary certificate.  Note that when traveling from the US to Europe, all animals must have a USDA certification stamp.


What if I'm graduating.  Can I go on a study abroad trip during my last semester?

Yes; however, there is a good chance that the trip will leave prior to graduation.  Since we won’t have an exact departure date until right around midterm, you would have to register for the trip/class without knowing if you will be in the country for graduation.  Therefore, it is recommended that students register for the Global Experience prior to their final semester at Limestone.  If the trip ends up departing after graduation, you will be able to participate in graduation, but will have an “incomplete” (“I”) for the Global Experience class until you return and your professor posts a grade.  At this point your degree will be conferred.  If you have further questions on this, please see your advisor, the registrar, or Dr. Scharff.