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"It truly opened my eyes to see so much and gave me memories that I think about constantly." Jordon Wilson Smalls '23

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What better way to learn about a Global Experience destination than to see and hear it for yourself.

Students from Limestone University have taken over our social media for a day to give you a first-hand view of their daily experience and show what a trip could be like for you.

Visit the preview page for the Riviera trip (12-27 to 1-4) here.

Winter Break 2022

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

by Isabelle Eldridge | |

The opportunities presented to us in our lifetime are those not to be taken for granted. Life is short and there is more out there than what is in your Instagram feed, you see people traveling the world and think, “gosh I wish that was me” when in reality than can be you. To see how people live their lives so differently is eye opening.

Outside the Bubble

by Josh Strickland | | Monaco

So often today, many people (including myself) become so absorbed in our own daily lives that we forget about the lives that are lived by those around us and those who came before us, each with its own unique history and perspective. 

Maximizing The Global Experience

by Stone Ferguson | | France

Growing up, I was always told that I was a people person. I find myself at times being the “people watcher,” but also many times being the “life of the party.”

These Little Moments

by Katherine Stachowski | | Spain

When I was asked to chaperone this trip I couldn’t pass it up. What an incredible opportunity to spend 9 days abroad, visiting 3 countries with so many Limestone students, including 8 of my women’s lacrosse student-athletes. A lot of people don’t understand careers in higher education, especially coaching.

Where the Journey Begins

by Isabelle Eldridge | | Spain
As a young girl I would always watch those movies where a group of best friends got to travel to Europe and make all kinds of memories and go on crazy adventures. But in the next couple days I will actually get to live out that adventure with eight of my teammates.

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